How Can You Be a Great Yoga Instructor

Becoming a qualified yoga teacher is a unique career, particularly for those who are naturally born with the instinct to help others develop spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The world needs honest, grounded, and caring yoga instructors. This can be a challenging profession in any walk of life. However, with the right information, anyone can become a yoga instructor.

Attend yoga certification courses

Yoga certification courses are available at local colleges or technical schools. In most cases, an existing teaching schedule will suffice to get students through the teaching portion of the course. Instructors will need to learn about the history and philosophies of yoga, as well as basic anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and psychology. Once the physical and spiritual side is covered, instructors may move on to teaching specific yoga styles, such as restorative and power yoga.

yoga instructor and class

Have exceptional communication skills

Every person teaching yoga must also have exceptional communication skills. People new to the world of Yoga should concentrate on helping others by being a great listener and encouraging. These skills will stand them in good stead for years to come. To truly become a yoga instructor, one must also have a passion for the art and science of yoga. Instructors should be able to explain poses accurately, clearly, and concisely.

Instructors will not only learn to lead yoga practice but also provide instruction to other yoga studio members. They will be responsible for teaching beginners the basic poses and techniques of Yoga. They should also be skilled at suggesting modifications to the poses. This helps both beginners and advanced practitioners feel comfortable with the poses. Instructors will also need to know how to modify poses to fit individuals’ height, weight, and flexibility levels.

Research all aspects of the student’s life

Before becoming a teacher, a person should research all aspects of the student’s life, including their interests and potentials for success. It is important to meet with potential students to discuss this in detail. The yoga alliance welcomes all teachers, but it will look at each teacher’s experience and education to determine if they are an appropriate match for the classes. If an individual is interested in becoming a teacher and has all of the necessary paperwork completed, they should begin to apply for teacher registration with the local yoga alliance as soon as possible.

Every teacher training program will place students in classes that are conducive to their learning style. Instructors should expect to have students coming to their studios for all different types of purposes. Students may come to the studio for weight loss and/or physical conditioning, meditation, and yoga. Many teachers will start their training programs at Yoga Institute, whereas others will begin at local studios. Each teacher training program is unique, however, so it is important to find a training program that best fits your needs and style of teaching.

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To sum up…

In order to be a great yoga instructor, you have to be committed to your professional development and pay attention not only to the physical health of your students but also their mental well-being.