What to Bring With You When Taking Dog on a Trip

It is quite common for a dog owner to bring a dog on a trip with him or her. But there are some important things that should be considered before doing so. First of all, you have to prepare all the necessary stuffs for your dog. Here’s what you should bring for your beloved pet:

Dog carrier

A carrier is a must-have when you are going to bring your dog on a trip with you. You have to choose a soft and large enough carrier for your pet. If you think your dog is not very heavy, then a simple plastic or fabric bag can do. Remember to pack some water and food supply as well. If you are going to bring your dog on an airplane then dog carriers don’t really matter. But if you are going to bring your dog in a car, then you should consider buying a carrier that is specially designed for cars.

When you will travel outside make sure that you have a carrier for your dog. Usually, these carriers are carried in your hand but if you want convenience then you can bring them in your purse or backpack. You just need to decide whether you will bring a large or small carrier with you. If you will carry him with you then you should also carry his leash, toys and collar, umbrellas, and raincoats.

Dog crate

Most dogs love to sleep in a cozy and warm crate. Just like them, sleep is very important for them. So, you should also provide a good bed, blanket, and food and water supply to your sleeping dog. But it doesn’t mean that you should buy big and expensive dog cages just to keep them warm during trips. Just use any small cage with proper bedding and supplies and make your trip as convenient and enjoyable for both of you.

dog on trip with woman and man

Dog clothes

No matter how long you will be gone, it is always better to bring fresh and clean clothes for your dog. Dogs need proper nutrition and healthy clothes. You should always keep your coat clean and shampooed so that they don’t smell bad. If you are traveling by car then dog shirts can be taken along. And, if you will bring him with you on your trip then take a scarf or cloth which you can rub his tummy anytime he needs relaxation.

Food and water

If you are going far from home, you need to bring some food and water to nourish your dog. Of course, this may not be sufficient if you are going to bring him along with you in the car. So, you should have some kind of container with you to put the food and water.

Treats and toys

Always bring toys and treats for your dog. They will always need them when they feel bored. So, you should always carry them on your hand so that you can easily bring them wherever you are going.

Hygiene products

Just like us, dogs need to wash. It is best to bring grooming products for them so that they can easily clean their body. Cleaning will prevent them to get sick. You should always carry nail clippers and shampoo and conditioners with you so that you can easily clean your dogs.

dog on trip with woman


Dog’s health is very important and it should always be taken care of. You should always carry some medicine and supplements for them. You should also know how to take care of their dental needs. You should always carry x-rays and sponges with you so that you can easily wash and remove their dead skin. This is the best way to bring a dog on a trip without worries.

Travel clothes

It is very important for you to bring clothes that will be comfortable for you and your dog. You should never bring woolen clothes because it will just keep them warm. The next important thing that you should consider is the season that you will be going to. So, if you will be bringing your dog on vacation, make sure that he is comfortable enough in the dress that you will be bringing.


If you think these are all the things that you need to bring, then you should always remember that you should bring something that is useful for you. Make sure that you have a good travel shampoo or conditioner that you can bring with you. This will save you a lot of time and money. Always remember that this trip will be your time to relax and unwind so make sure that you have all the things that you need. Above all, do not forget to bring your dog. He is one person that will always love you no matter what.