What To Expect At A Krav Maga Class

Staying active and fit is the best way to stay active, and when it comes to workouts, there is no doubt Krav Maga training is taking over the industry. So, are you looking for a brand new fitness program?

Do you want something that is going to challenge you physically and strengthen you mentally? Well, if you are looking to transform your mind and body, then Krav training is for you.

But, what is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga refers to a reality-based self-defense training system that stresses real-world functionality and teaches students on how to effectively defend themselves in unexpectedly dangerous situations. Besides, the training focuses on equipping the students with the required skills that help them defend themselves in any situation.


Although the training has been adopted by the military and paramilitary groups, anyone is allowed to register and train. It is not a preserve for a particular group.

What to expect during Krav Maga pieces of training.

Although similar to other martial art training in most aspects, the focus is on developing a keen sense of awareness. In typical Krav Maga classes, some of the physical training include:

-Defense against different types of chokes, strikes, and weapons.

-Punches, kicks, knee jabs, and elbow jabs.

-Drills designed to simulate the real-world scenarios.

However, as a hand to hand combat like a system, the training uses speedy brutal offensive techniques and counter attacks that can completely throw out an attack off guard. Besides, the training also aims at developing a strong mind mindset in addition to strong bodies; thus when students leave the training, they feel more empowered and prepared to take on the world.

1. When you walk in

An introduction to krav maga in most cases is the same as walking into a gym. Once walk in the door, you will find the normal paperwork, then you will be shown a place to place your things as the trainers find a partner for the class.

2. Warm-Ups

In order to get your heart pumping, the classes always with a 10-15 minutes warm up. At this point, it is safe to note that every class is different; hence your warm-up may include pushups, sit-ups, and other basic bodyweight exercises. Once the body is warm, your instructor will lead you through the active stretching activity.

krav maga

3. Classes

Typically, it takes an intense training to understand Krav Maga. However, instructors always provide the most powerful and effective learning experience ever. Here is what to expect during classes.

-The instructor will start off by demonstrating a technique with another instructor.

-Next, he/she walks the whole group through the technique by breaking it down into simple steps while practicing each step at ago.

-The group is then left to speed up the movements on their own.

-Finally, individuals work in partner groups with live partners.

4. Safety

Krav Maga is a training for real life violence, thus you will be throwing real punches, elbow jabs and kicks. You will practice live on heavy bags, pads and other equipment. During the training session, the emphasis is put on safety in order for you to train and leave safely, however, due to the nature of the training, expect to get some bruises.