What are the best kind of socks to wear while running?

Wearing the wrong choice of socks when running can cause foot blisters, corns, chaffing among other issues. If you are a runner, the best way to have healthy feet is by finding the best running socks. Running socks are specifically designed for runners to give them protection and comfort while running. Below are the types of socks that you should consider for running.

1. Socks with adequate cushioning

The best socks should have proper cushioning. Look out for socks that are padded at the points where your feet get into contact with the ground. When running, your feet get impacts, and the padding helps to reduce the amount of impact that your feet get.


Cushioning is important as it will prevent blisters and give you comfort when running. The thickness of the running socks depends on the runner’s preference. Some will prefer thick socks while others go for thin socks.

2. Socks made from the right fabrics

When choosing your running socks, consider their fabrics. The best running socks to prevent blisters should be made of natural fibers and synthetic materials. Natural fibers such as merino are ideal for making running socks as they allow air circulation and wicks sweat from your feet. When running, they keep your feet cool and dry.

Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are great for your feet as they are durable sweat-wicking, breathable and are anti-chaffing material. Some of the synthetic fabrics include Polyester, Coolmax, Acrylic and Nylon.

It is vital to keep away from cotton socks as they do not protect your feet from moisture and causes blisters.

3. Socks that are elastic

Running socks should be elastic on the proper areas to prevent sliding as you run. When you wear socks that keep on sliding as you run, you will not only be uncomfortable but also get blisters from the friction. Spandex is the best material to use since it has elasticity features. Spandex prevents the socks from moving when running by ensuring it sticks in the right place.


4. Proper coverage

Running socks should cover your feet when as your run. However, this will depend on the type of shoes that you wear. It is important to wear running socks that cover you up to the ankles for maximum protection against friction and blisters. To know the coverage of the socks before buying, ensure that you look at the photos.

5. Socks that fit well

Most people do not understand the importance of wearing the right fit for running socks. If you wear socks that are too tight, they will affect the air circulation in your feet which leads to sweating and blisters. Also, running socks that are too big for your feet will be uncomfortable, and you end up having a bad running experience. Make sure that you look out for your size of the running socks.

Running socks have a huge difference from the normal socks. To have a fantastic running experience and prevent blisters, you will need a good pair of socks. Make sure that you consider the fabrics, thickness, size and cushioning when buying.