How Often Should You Post Photos to Your Blog?

Some people wonder how often they should post photos on their blogs. Whether you are an EXECUTIVE or a regular blogger, it is important to use an adequate amount of photos in order to attract more readers. The photos must be relevant to your overall content and they should be clean and crisp.

Think About Your Social Media Strategy

When deciding on how often to include pictures on your blog, you want to think about your social media strategy. If you plan to post your article on Twitter, they often take images from your blog for you to choose as the main image for the tweet. Or if you’re posting to Pinterest, you need images in your post that will make people want to click on your pins.


Consider The Topics of Your Posts

Not every blog post will require images. This depends on the topics you cover in the posts. Some of the best photo bloggers use their personal preferences when making these decisions. If you wrote about a recent concert you attended and a well-known celebrity was there, then photos are vital. But if you’re writing about changes to your morning routine, then pictures are not needed.

Think About Your Blog’s Storage Capacity

Another thing to consider is your blog’s storage capacity. Depending on your web hosting’s bandwidth, images that are excessively large could cause your blog to slow down. And this might increase your site’s bounce rate.

It is better to use small yet relevant images.

Don’t Let Images Override the Content

Sometimes bloggers get excited about the beautiful images they find, and then they clutter their posts with them. This is not a good idea because your readers don’t visit your blog primarily for the images. They visit for the content you offer. Make sure that the pictures don’t compete with the text.

Think About Your Customers

In some cases, it is necessary to post pictures throughout the blog. If you own a business, you will need high-quality images of your products so potential customers will get an idea of what you offer. You can have a separate page within the blog to display your items. And you can even use plugins like Woo Commerce to sell right from the blog.


Don’t Forget About SEO

Another thing to consider is SEO. Internet viewers often look for certain keywords and images often come up in the search results. It is for this reason that you should include at least two or more photos in some of your posts. Be sure to research keywords to figure out which ones work the best in your image descriptions.

Images Break Up Text

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Would you want to read long chunks of text without any interesting photos or graphics? Probably not. Images are important because they keep the readers from getting bored with your blog posts.

In conclusion, photos are necessary in blogging. They just don’t have to be used in every post. Use discretion and have fun with it!