How To Make Friends As An Adult – Best Tips You Have To Know

“How to make friends as an adult” is a question asked by many. As we grow older, we move into adulthood and begin the confusing process of finding our place in the world. Many of us have found that friendships tend to wane as we age. Other studies have shown that as humans mature, they look for situations that will elevate their spirits, such as, pruning old social ties or acquaintances that may bring them down. (To discover the 6 daily rituals ancient wisdom suggests you’ll be happier, log on here.)

How to Make Friends As an Adult, author Rosemary Bass

In How to Make Friends As an Adult, author Rosemary Bass describes how to develop strong friendships while simultaneously searching for the good in all of one’s lives. Bass begins her book with an interesting little tale of vina, a young woman who is looking for the friendship she wants to have. Vina lives with her aunt and half-brother who are unkind to her. When Vina’s half-brother begins to tease her, she withdraws from other friends and begins to search for that special someone.

When Vina meets up with a new person, her aunt makes plans to visit her. Shortly thereafter, the two begin attending counseling and slowly make new friends. Vina meets her next friend in church and begins to develop deeper bonds as they both pray and talk about God. Things get better when one of the new people, Matt, comes along. He and Vina share several moments that strengthen their friendship and they begin attending counseling sessions in Matt’s new city.

Vina and Matt finally decide it is time to start dating and begin meeting new people in the hopes of developing deeper, more meaningful relationships. Unfortunately, Vina has not made any new friends and has met only those who are unkind to her. At one point, Matt even suggests they start a campaign to make friends. They both laugh at this idea and think it would be a waste of time. The guys get a hold of a new group of people who meet once a week, weekly, and are willing to help Vina develop her relationship skills.

two friends laughing

Over three months, Vina develops several closes, adult friendships. She makes new friends at work, on the Internet, and through social and work networking events. Vina meets new people like Matt and begins to make friends with them. As the relationship advances, she finds herself falling in love with one of the guys and continues to meet his friends.

These adult female friendships help Vina get busy fulfilling her goals. She attends events where she can meet new people and make new friends. She also participates in networking events and spends a lot of time attending charities and helping those in need. She meets a cute boy, Eric, and starts dating him. As Vina and Eric’s relationship grows, they decide to marry and spend many years together.

Now that she is married, Vina realizes she needs to do something to make friends. She goes out and meets some old friends who she has not seen in a long time. She misses her childhood friends and goes out to a movie night with the guys. They are amazed at her determination to make friends and start again. After the movie, she goes home and spends the evening playing video games. Later, she gets out of bed and goes into her husband’s room to surprise him with a gift he has created, a stuffed bear that comes with a story.

Great book to read for anyone who wants to reconnect with old friends or make new ones

How to Make Friends As an Adult is a great book to read for anyone who wants to reconnect with old friends, or for anyone who wants to know how to make new friends. This book will get you inspired. The key to building strong friendships is to keep them and to let them grow. Vina’s example is a good lesson for us all. Sometimes it takes a little effort to make friends, but if you keep at it, you will be happy with the outcome. You might even end up with some very close friends.