Habits to Incorporate in Your Daily Routine

Are you struggling with being productive in your business? Do you often feel like you just don’t have time in your day? Do you find yourself wishing for new and better daily habits for the upcoming new year? It s the middle of the summer and you already have so much planned for the new year ahead and all your goals for the coming year.

Write down your goals

The best way to stay on track and become more productive in everyday life is to create a habit of doing one thing and doing it consistently every day. Start by writing down at least one goal for the upcoming year and write down at least one habit that you must do to reach that goal no matter what. For example, if your goal is to lose ten pounds, write down that you will eat healthier foods and do cardiovascular workouts one hundred seventy-five days a year no matter what. Once you achieve this goal you will feel so much more positive about yourself and what you plan to do.

One of the daily habits that I use is setting aside one tab at the bottom of the page and checking it off when I read it. I also place it at the top of my morning and end sheet. This way I always remember where I put my goals for the day and for the week. I recommend creating five separate tabs for daily goals, so you have a specific area to work on each day. This helps me to stay focused because I have a specific area to work on and everything I have written in that area has to be done at the same time.

a to do list written on paper

Read positive affirmations

One habit that I use every day to ensure that I am productive is reading positive affirmations. I write down the affirmations and when I read them I tell myself that I am having a positive thought and that I am living in accordance with these words. For example, I usually write down the mantra to “Happiness is a choice”. I repeat these words in my head while I’m doing something else and then I end the ritual by repeating the affirmation.

Make a list of your habits

I like to make a list of my daily habits and then look for things in each category that I can change. For instance, when I wake up I always walk to the refrigerator to get a glass of water and coffee to drink. When I go to the bathroom I either grab a green paper towel or an orange juice carton. For the most part, I do all of these things, but sometimes I let one of my daily habits stand in front of me and I forget about it until I’m in a traffic jam or I’m commuting on some sort of plane. With this method, I’m constantly motivated because I know that if I don’t do it this morning I’ll remember what to do.

Practice mindfulness

Another habit that I’d like to talk about today is my ability to be calm when I am exposed to traffic or in any sort of stressful situation. One of the best tools that I use for this particular purpose is called mindfulness meditation. Mindful meditation is simply sitting comfortably in a place, quieting your mind, and becoming aware of everything around you without being anxious about anything. The reason that this is such a powerful tool for changing your habits is that people often say that their habits don’t feel real because they are in a stressful environment and they can’t ignore their thoughts.

Now the goal of these 15 minutes is not to sit in airplane mode and nothing will happen. The purpose of these 15 minutes is to bring forth a state of consciousness where you can let go of the fear of doing something and simply do it. This is the best way to change your daily habits because the only way we can change our habits is if we experience pain or stress or whatever the case may be. And when you’re in a state of consciousness it’s almost impossible not to think about it because you’re your brain is basically shutting down and just focusing on what’s around you. And if you’re not in airplane mode it almost feels like there’s no pain or pressure at all.

And even if you don’t experience those feelings of anxiety you’ll notice yourself starting to get things done.

woman practicing mindful medidation


The first thing that you need to do to change your daily habits for the new year is to write out a list of the things that you need to get done in order to achieve your goals. Start listing everything on that list that you want to accomplish this year alone. And don’t worry about finishing things because if you focus on the end result it will happen. Once you get your desired list started, take a little bit of time and just sit down and write out a new plan for achieving that goal that will include all the steps that you need to take. Doing this will bring clarity to your life and start making those all-important New Year’s Resolutions come true.