How Can I Increase My Running Speed And Stamina

Whether you are an experienced or beginner runner, you are probably concerned with2 things: running faster and enduring longer races. You are not alone: stamina and peed are two fundamental goals of most runners at all ages, speed, and levels. Here is how to increase your speed and stamina click to find out more:

1. Increase your mileage every week


The structure of any training plan should be designed to push the speed and increase your distance gradually without straining the athlete. Usually, the plan should entail a few short runs on weekdays, and then whole weekend runs before progressing to a longer period.

To realize an increase, you need to subject your body to a higher stimulus than it’s used to. Overloading your body progressively makes it adapt to the upgrade in the long run.

2. Build stamina by practising tempo runs

Tempo runs entail running faster for short distances than you normally do. Training this way helps accustom your body to clearing lactic acid from your bloodstream faster hence helping you get used to running for long without easily developing fatigue. Tempo runs for beginners should last between 20 to 40 minutes. For advanced runners, it should be up to 1 hour. They shouldn’t entail a strenuous effort that would leave you gasping for your breath, but rather, a maintainable challenge that you can endure.

3. Eat for endurance


As a runner keen on developing endurance, carbs should take between 55 and 65 per cent of your calorie consumption. It would be prudent to have meal rich in carbs shortly before embarking on training. Complex carbohydrates are always the best: oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain, etc.

4. Run long in high altitude areas

To run farther, you need to train by running farther! Opt to add a mile or half on your current range or add extra minutes – around 20 minutes – on your current time. Practise like you’re preparing for a marathon race, every week.