How To Stay Healthy During A Divorce

Divorce can take its toll on even the strongest person. This is why it is considered one of the common causes of depression and suicide as well. The emotional strain can make it impossible to live a healthy lifestyle. Even so, you need to find ways to try to remain healthy.

Don’t start a new relationship


It’s important to take time to heal completely before getting involved with someone else. The loneliness may cause you to need a new companionship but doing that will only be disastrous. Divorce changes people. Take time to accept those changes and how they have affected you then reflect and heal alone before you start dating again.


Working out has been known to release the good hormones in the body especially those that deal with stress. During your divorce, you’re bound to be stressed out.

You should, therefore, try to exercise even if it’s just taking a walk every day. Some of the exercises recommended over here include running, swimming or jogging. You don’t have to go to the gym.


Given everything that happens during divorce, you’re bound to either gain weight or lose weight. These are usually associated with the eating habits people adopt during the process. Try to maintain a healthy diet and make sure you eat at correct intervals. Avoid stress eating but if you can’t, choose healthier food options.

Don’t forget the children

Most of the time people focus on their own emotional and financial strain during a divorce. However, this is often ill-advised especially when children are involved.


Try to focus on your children and spend more time with them. Divorce may be hard for you but it also affects them which is why maintaining a good relationship with them at this point is crucial.


Having a support group helps a lot as well. Try to find a group of people you trust and can talk to freely. You should also try to maintain your normal schedule. Keep going about your day as you do normally. This will help you feel like the divorce isn’t affecting your routine and life at large. Remember that your life will get better even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment.