What Is Body Language?

Body language is simply a form of non-verbal communication where certain non-verbal behaviors, rather than words, are employing to communicate or convey the message. These include facial expressions, body language, gestures, hand motion, emotional reaction, and the utilization of space. In this way, it can be said that body language conveys not only messages but also attitudes. By learning to recognize and interpret it properly, you will be able to effectively communicate with people from different backgrounds and walk with them in mind.

Facial expressions and gestures

It is necessary to note that facial expressions and gestures cannot be taken for granted. These signals are very important when it comes to nonverbal communication. By learning to recognize them, you will be able to communicate and engage with others in a more effective manner. You do not want to come across as too informal or too direct. It all depends on how you project your facial expressions and other bodily actions.

When it comes to the topic of nonverbal communication, it is important to understand that gestures are considered indirect communicative body language that can convey a lot of meaning through the subtle movements of your face and body. People tend to interpret such gestures based on the direction and position of the face and body. Thus, you can have a gentle look while giving instructions to a child or a look of disappointment when your boss is not paying attention to your efforts. More subtly, you can express your disapproval of the activity by raising your voice and placing your hands over your head while pointing at it.


Emotions are another aspect of body language that needs to be understood. People tend to project different emotions depending on various situations and triggers. You may smile when pleased or show irritation or disapproval depending on whether you are around loved ones or in public forums. In order to effectively manage stress and successfully communicate your emotions, you need to be aware of the various nonverbal signals that are associated with emotions.

body language of a couple

In most cases, your facial expression and hand positions can effectively display nonverbal messages. This means that you can use such cues to effectively communicate your message. However, your body language will not always allow you to project the right nonverbal signals. There are times when you will overreact or contract your muscles in order to try to control your reactions. Your body language will always betray your true feelings or intentions. The best way to overcome such confusing signals is to learn to adopt a more balanced posture where you project an even smile and relaxed facial expression.

Use the mirror to practice body language

One of the most effective ways to control your body language and use nonverbal communication effectively is through the use of mirrors. You need to learn how to properly position yourself in mirrors so that you can maintain eye contact with the person with whom you are communicating. In order to effectively project confidence, project a light aura or smile. Avoid using strong gestures and make sure that your nonverbal cues do not show your desperation.

You can also practice good body language communication through the use of mirrors. When you practice with a mirror, you can see how you should actually sit, stand and walk in order to communicate your messages clearly. In addition, you can learn how to correctly shake hands, talk, and interact with others. Learning to properly communicate your thoughts, feelings, and intentions using body language can definitely make you more successful. This kind of practice is especially useful for introverts.

Observe other people

The best way to master what is body language is by observing your reaction when people you know or interact with start communicating with you. By observing how you react, you will be able to learn how to effectively communicate your nonverbal signals. When you are confident of your ability to communicate through body language, you will find that you have increased self-confidence and a better sense of well-being. In fact, if you want to communicate with others, you need to master how to communicate your messages using nonverbal cues.