about us

MySkatingMall.com was created with the vision to support the figure skating community. 5%-90% of every purchase made on MySkatingMall.com raises funds for skating clubs and teams. All skating groups from around the world are eligible to raise funds on MySkatingMall.com as long as the group can be verified.

There are many families struggling to keep up with the growing expense of skating. We aim to help every skater keep skating by providing thousands of quality, gently used items at reduced costs compared to new items. Users of this site will be able to earn money by selling their gently used items on a site customized to skating.

Of course, new items are also available for purchase from our Partner Stores. Each of these skating businesses have joined the MySkatingMall.com vision of supporting the skating community. 5% of every purchase made from our Partner Stores will go to the skating club or team of your choosing.

We will know MySkatingMall.com is fulfilling its purpose if:

Skating expenses are reduced
Users earn money from quality items they are no longer using
Our costs are lower than other popular auction/listing sites
A perpetual fundraiser is created for skating clubs and teams without costing their members extra money
MySkatingMall.com is the easiest place to find the exact item you are looking for
Everything figure skating related can be purchased on MySkatingMall.com.
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